Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yesterday's icicles

Winter sunshine can be a rare thing in the Inland Northwest. Yesterday, the temperatures rose and the sun peeked out for a little while. I grabbed the camera and stepped outside to admire the icicles on our church building.

They are so beautiful, and so ephemeral. Especially when they are melting fast!

Icicles dripping from roofline

Icicles were falling off the roofline and smashing into the snow and slush as I shot these photos. Had to be careful not to get hit by one!

Shining icicles

I am in love with the way icicles show off the sunshine.

Bright icicles

A wondrous, drippy world.

Water drips in front of tree

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The Dreaming Bear said...

Oh, they are beautiful. Glad to hear you were careful though! Thanks for sharing this little burst of sunshine! Here in Iowa, we are under a blizzard we are staying in with our cocoa and slippers.