Saturday, January 22, 2011

Green 3-D valentine

I've been working on ideas for valentines made from repurposed materials. Yesterday I made a three-dimensional valentine from a cereal box and magazine and catalog pages.

I cut two hearts from the cereal box, then I created collages on both sides of each heart. I decided to make one heart full of "green" imagery, mostly plants and trees and landscape scenes.

Repurposed paper heart (green)

On the other heart, I used green article titles from a devotional magazine. I drew on top of the collage with a green Sharpie marker.

Repurposed paper heart - green (connect)

To connect the hearts, I scored, then folded each heart at the center. Then I punched a few holes with an awl on those center lines, and sewed the hearts together with some waxed linen thread.

Repurposed paper heart - green (love)

I punched a hole at the top of each piece of the heart (four holes total) and sewed more waxed linen thread to create the loop for hanging.

repurposed paper heart - green (gratitude)


Lois B said...

you are so fun, thanks for sharing

Alma Stoller said...

Such a great project.
Love it. Will have to give that one a try...

The Dreaming Bear said...

This is so clever!!! One could have a blast making lots of these in different sizes!!! Thanks for sharing!