Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lots of little projects

I'm working on lots of little projects right now. That's probably a good thing, because big blocks of time aren't part of my life these days. It's easy for me to get frustrated about lack of time, and the phrase "I don't have time to do it" comes out of my mouth too often. But that's not the full truth. If I really want to do something, I make the time for it. Simple as that. I'm working to leave the complaints and the "can't"s behind.

Here's another valentine from repurposed materials - flower catalog photos and thin cardboard.

Flower heart valentine (side 1)

(side 1)

Flower heart valentine (side 2)

(side 2)

My church's celebration of the Season of Peace and Nonviolence started today.One of the projects we're planning is creating "peace rocks." We learned about the idea from our church association's magazine. One of our affiliated churches painted peace rocks and left them all over their town. We thought it was such a cool idea that our church is going to do the same thing this year. Below are a few samples that I made. The rocks are painted with acrylics. After the paint dried, I wrote on them with Sharpie markers.

Painted peace rocks

I did manage to carve out one big chuck of time this week: I took an all-day watercolor class for beginners at Corbin Art Center. It wasn't a fabulous class, but it was inexpensive, and I picked up some good pointers along the way. The students painted artificial flowers as an exercise. My flowers are impressionistic at best (ahem), but I sort of like the leaves.

Hydrangea watercolor

My other project - my eternal preoccupation, I guess - is picking up the camera and capturing the moment. It's as close to instant gratification as I can get, art-wise. I snapped this self-portrait as I walked down the street.

Self-portrait close-up with rust scarf

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Kwiltz by Stephanie said...

Hello there....I love your flower hearts! And your "pece starts here" rock made me cry...I am going to do that. I love thinking about finding that rock somewhere!!! THANKS!