Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The challenge of noticing poetry in daily life

When I notice that I need something to spark me creatively, I sometimes give myself a challenge. It's like a coming up with a game, writing my own rules as I go along. Today I thought: hmm, I haven't written any haiku in a while. Maybe I should write about my daily life, and photograph the subjects, too. I give myself permission to be spontaneous and not worry about "perfection" - the poetry can be goofy and not always follow the rules, and the photos can be blurry or poorly composed or whatever. I took a short photography class last week, so this is a perfect opportunity to experiment with what I learned.

As my brain was on this train of thought, I was washing dishes. I looked down into the dishpan and decided soapy water could be as good a subject as any. . . .

Yellow rubber glove fingers with bubbles

Washing plastic bags
in warm, soapy dish water -
bubbles pop and shine.

Yellow rubber glove with bubbles


Diana Trout {Nan.DT@verizon.net} said...

You have such a great blog over here! So glad that I found you - thanks for commenting - I loved your zine for Alma's exchange. And the bubbly dishwater. Good stuff. Thanks.

nonizamboni said...

This is perfection--and to think all that creativity came from the mundane.
Hope your week is good!

Yolanda said...

I love that you find poetry in everyday life. Thanks for sharing this.