Monday, April 4, 2011


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to me!

I decided not to grumble about turning 48, but to enjoy the day. I received a lovely bunch of bright daisies from my husband, who dragged himself out of his sickbed to buy them! He's so sweet. Ross gave me a big hug and kiss. Some packages, things I had ordered for myself, arrived in the mail, so that made things festive, too. And it's so nice to get phone calls and emails and Facebook messages - maybe I'm corny, but I love it nonetheless.

Perhaps the best part was hearing that I'd sold "Heart Signals," a piece I'd made last year. I'd placed it in a show in Post Falls, Idaho, at the Jacklin Center, and frankly, I figured I'd be driving there this week to pick it up and hang it up in my office again. I'm glad that my pessimistic side was wrong.

"Heart Signals" (final)



Nikki said...

Happy birthday a little late and congratulations!!

The Dreaming Bear said...

That's great! Sometimes the positive side wins, eh? Ha! Happy Belated Bday!

Yolanda said...

Happy bealted birthday. May this be your best year ever.

NM_Creatrix said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. I guess that we are not friends on FB?? Anyway happy belated birthday.