Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello, and goodbye


I am here to say: this is goodbye, for now.

Blogging has been a struggle in the last few months. At first I thought it was a temporary lull. Then I realized that it had become a chore, something I did not look forward to. The time I spent on the blog felt like time sucked away from my art. When I went out of town this summer, I did not miss the blog for a minute. Didn't even have a fleeting thought about it.

Then I had a minor health crisis (from which I'm recovering and feeling much better in the last couple of weeks). I could not do much artwork at all, which felt frustrating and scary to me. I began to see that I've been wasting energy on a lot of things that do not matter. I want to refocus and to be conscious of my priorities. In order to do the things that truly are mine to do, I need to drop the incidentals - especially the activities that primarily please someone else or that I "should" do.

Now is the time to find my own balance in life, and to listen to my own inner knowing. I am trusting my intuition more and more - and what I hear is that I need to turn inward and to do the creative work that calls to me. So much falls into place when I stop seeking respect and approval from others, which is the trap I fall into when I'm obsessing about my blog stat counter and comments. Don't get me wrong - I think the Internet is a wonderful world, and I'm not going to disappear from it. It's just that I need to give myself a chance to unplug from its incessant hum, if only to remember that I have a whole life without it.

I aspire to be a more joyful Judy. So I guess it's fitting that I finally finished the "spring" banner that says "JOY", and that it graces my last blog post.

spring - joy - banner final 9-30-11

spring - joy - banner, final sideview 9-30-11

spring banner - letter J (final, 9-30-11)

spring banner - letter O (final, 9-30-11)

spring banner - letter Y (final, 9-30-11)

I'll leave this blog up, because it's got some ideas that people may want to explore. Maybe I'll start another blog next year, on a very different topic. Or not. Everything changes, and I'm open to the possibilities.

I salute all my readers, and everyone who writes a blog. You are amazing. Really.

Thank you, and namaste.